US Citizenship & Immigration Office Building – Detroit, MI

The two (2) story, 46,000 square feet administration building structural steel U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Building with elevated concrete slab on metal deck and metal deck roof construction, with provision for roof to be converted into future 3rd floor.

Supported by a drilled caisson foundation, this building is covered in brick veneer, curtain wall, and metal panels. Located within the facility are the offices of Homeland Security and a ceremony room for new citizens. A two level 367 space pre-cast parking deck was also constructed on the project site. the parking structure will consist of precast concrete double tees, beams and columns. With provision for future 3rd level of parking.

The successful completion of this project challenged us to overcome budget constraints, tight site logistics, tenant coordination, and extremely contaminated soil pockets. The project’s owner was presented with $2,000,000 in value engineering options, of which $1,500,000 were selected and put into place. The eco-friendly structure was designated to receive LEED Silver certification.