Student Housing – Michigan Technological University – Houghton, MI

Michigan Tech’s Hillside Place offers campus housing that combines social benefits of dormitory style housing with the option of an independent apartment.

The building contains private bedrooms with semi-private bathrooms, shared great rooms and kitchens. The building also includes common areas such as a large lobby/lounge with kitchenette, fitness center, sauna and multi-purpose room. The lower lodge includes a lounge, game room and meeting room. Laundry rooms, trash rooms, and study lounges are located on each floor.

Desai/Nasr was challenged to produce a more cost effective structural system for the project. After considering various systems – load bearing walls, precast floors with steel frame, and all steel framed structure, a decision was made to settle on a load bearing masonry wall with precast plank floors. This system eliminated fireproofing of steel, demising stud framed walls with sound insulation. Inherent advantage of masonry walls related to sound proofing and fire proofing characteristics and durability resulted in cost savings.