Student Center Renovation – Ferris State University – Big Rapids, MI

The Building Program consists of design for new construction and major renovation of existing construction for an expanded three story existing student center building. Significant demolition of the existing building is proposed, and includes full demolition of some existing building areas, demolition (and replacement) of roof only in select areas, demolition (and replacement) of floor in select areas. A new high roof, identified as “Street Roof” is proposed which will transverse both the areas of the new construction and a part of the existing building. Construction of this “Street Roof”, and part of the new roof (to replace the existing roof) along the north edge of the building will require interface with the existing floor in this area – which is proposed to remain. New footings and foundation walls for columns and bearing walls will be required in both the building expansion areas and some within the existing part of the building which is proposed to remain. A new penthouse addition is also proposed as required for new mechanical equipment. Part of the new expansion areas will be a slab on grade, and with proposed new upper level supported floors as required by the architectural design. The upper level floors will consist of a supported concrete slab on composite steel beams. In general, the roof construction will consist of steel roof deck supported on open web steel joists, or structural steel beams.

Building systems, special features, design and construction schedule, and overall construction budget include:
New structural systems primarily include steel beam and joist roof framing, concrete filled metal deck on composite steel beam floor framing systems. Existing construction subject to modification includes primarily steel beam and joist roof framing, and concrete beam and joist floor framing systems.

Special features include “Street Roof” architectural design feature, stunning architectural elevation views, attractive interior features such as renovated open plan dining areas and spacious commons areas, and significant reuse of part of the existing student center building’s structural elements.

Desai/Nasr responded to the challenges of providing unique structural solutions to support the dramatic architectural features with relative cost effectiveness, and practical construction methods. Several of these solutions allow for major renovations to be constructed without the need for shoring, thus realizing cost savings to the owner. Creative structural solutions were necessary to address the interface of new construction with existing construction. A concerted effort was made to retain as much of the existing student center building’s structural elements as possible, a response to the owner’s expressed objectives.

A BIM (Building Information Model) was developed and utilized for coordination purposes to reduce the interferences between disciplines.

Pursuing (minimum of) LEED Silver Rating.