State of Michigan House of Representatives Office Building – Lansing, MI

The new State of Michigan House of Representatives fourteen-story complex, built at a cost of $40,000,000, brings State Legislators, their staff, and the House support departments into one building centrally located in downtown Lansing across the street from the historic State Capitol.

The three major building components involved vertical expansion of the City of Lansing Board of Water and Light Building from a nine and five story to a fourteen-story tower, demolition of an existing eight-story building and replacement with a new eleven-story tower along with construction of a seven-story bridge building suspended 65 feet over Ottawa Street.

Technically, most challenging was the existing Board of Water and Light Building expansion. A portion of the building had nine (9) floors, while the remaining had five (5). The building program required addition of five (5) and nine (9) levels respectively, on top of the existing structural framework. It required considerable structural upgrading to receive additional floor loads and to resist lateral wind and seismic loads. New columns were threaded through the existing floors to bear on mini-pile foundations drilled through the basement floor. During the construction, portions of the building were still occupied by the Board of Water and Light employees. This required new columns to be strategically located and installed without disturbing the tenant spaces. Many existing beams and columns were reinforced to resist additional loading.