Stadium District Mixed Use Development – Midland, MI

Located directly across from Dow Diamond, the Stadium District links Dow Diamond to existing establishments, creating a city center that is both vibrant and cohesive.

The new four story mixed use development boasts over 200,000 SF of contemporary urban-style space and is designed to accommodate loft housing, retail shops, cafes, restaurants, and flexible office space for business use and medical practice.

Steel framed construction with moment and braced frames. Composite beams and slab construction.

Desai/Nasr’s challenge was to develop a cost effective foundation solution to account for 4’ to 10’ + of contaminated fill at the site.

Two alternates were considered – removal of fill and replacement with engineered fill, deep caisson type foundations. Removal and replacement of fill was cost prohibitive due to the depth of fill as well as cost of contaminated fill disposal. Use of caisson foundations required the slab on grade to be designed as structurally supported slab which increased the cost substantially.

Working closely with the project Geotechnical Engineer and a specialty subcontractor, Desai/Nasr used a rammed aggregate piers – installed under each column and in 10’ X 10’ + grid to transfer the columns’ loads, with conventional spread footings, to the underlying undisturbed soils. The aggregate piers in a 10’ X 10’ pattern reinforced the surrounding soils and allowed the use of conventional slab (5” thick) on grade. Thicker 8” slabs were used at areas which needed to be designed for heavier live loads compared to normal office type occupancy loads.

This concept resulted in over $700,000 savings in foundation cost for the project.