One Kennedy Square – Detroit, MI

Design and construction of a 10-story, 240,000 SF office building with penthouse on top of existing parking garage, including 13,500 SF of first floor retail and restaurant space.

The existing parking structure was designed to accommodate a future triangular shape office building above, with specific corresponding column and foundation locations with demand for additional loads. When the office building above, became a reality, the architect for the project – Neumann/Smith Architecture – found that the triangular shape office building did not maximize the space utilization, and developed a more rectangular shape. Desai/Nasr suggested a rectangular with setbacks type alternate to respect the locations of original columns, which were designed for additional loads – with areas beyond the original triangle shape with diagonal hangers to transfer the loads back to the columns with higher designed load capacities. This concept resulted in a striking appearance for the building, and met the architectural vision.