Karmanos Cancer Center – Crittenton Hospital – Rochester, MI

The single story, 30,000 SF addition to the existing facility was conceptualized as open web steel joists bearing on concrete masonry (CMU) bearing walls.

After completion of schematic design, the project was put on hold. When the project was activated, in the fall, with anticipated October bidding, winter construction became a major issue. To circumvent that, Desai/Nasr recommended changing CMU bearing walls to cold formed metal studs (CFMS) for bearing walls. The walls were fabricated in 10’ to 12’ wide panels in shops and shipped to the site. The wall penalization in controlled weather, in the shop, avoided construction delays due to bad weather, and helped save cost overruns.

On behalf of the owner, Crittenton Hospital, Desai/Nasr also managed the “special inspection” process on the project during the construction phase. Desai/Nasr’s project manager scheduled and coordinated all the inspections with the testing agency personnel, and discussed their findings at the end of the day – prior to agency personnel leaving the site – and if any non-compliance was found, provided corrective solutions, communicated to the construction manager’s representative, thus avoiding RFI’s and delays during construction.