Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Parking Garage – Detroit, MI

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Main Parking deck was constructed in 2006 as a 1800 car parking garage. The precast concrete structure consisted of 9 parking levels and a roof. The project consolidated the Owner’s parking needs as well as promoting the Owner’s commitment to improve the quality of life. There was a fitness facility at ground level and a running track at roof level.

The project utilized a “green roof” system to collect rain water that was filtered by the vegetation and drainage filter layers on the roof. The collected rain water was then stored in a 10 ft diameter by 164 foot long underground concrete cistern to be used on a non-rainy day. The structure was founded on deep foundation consisting of concrete drilled piers. The floors consisting of precast concrete double tees with cast-in-place concrete topping were supported by precast load bearing walls, brick clad precast load bearing walls or precast concrete beams on precast columns.